Our investment philosophy is intelligent, simple, and powerful.  However, we believe the investment experience should not be confusing or complicated.  At Wind River Wealth Advisors, we take pride in our ability to design comprehensive Financial Plans and Methodologies tailored to your unique needs.  Together we help to protect the profits as the account grows to reach your goals.

There are three (3) important aspects of investing that remain at the forefront of our advice:

  1. Grow portfolios with the least amount of volatility per the client’s stated objectives and risk tolerance.
  2. Help protect profits through a partnership sharing our expertise and knowledge to create, meet, and exceed financial goals.
  3. Establish a plan to distribute the funds tax-efficiently when needed for income.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management, investment, and financial planning strategies set us apart from many investment managers.

We don’t pretend to predict the market—that would be foolish.  Instead, our proprietary process is a demanding set of rules based upon a technical analysis of the stock markets and uses strict discipline when following those rules.  Our data-driven models recommend investment changes based on market conditions, and our firm changes portfolios based on our process.